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Puriti Labs, located in Troutman, North Carolina is dedicated to providing industrial hemp extracts that are safe and accurately labeled. 

Our laboratory is operated by degreed professionals. 

We start with industrial hemp grown and harvested in the southeast United States from licensed industrial hemp farms, mostly from our own farms in North Carolina. 

- Supports the licensed U.S. farmer
- Ensures quality genetics
- Creates opportunity for U.S. economy 


Our hemp is extracted at our state-registered facility in Troutman, North Carolina. Our lab professionals have advanced degrees, which allows them to employ safe scientiļ¬c methods and ensure a clean extraction right away, without post-processing. 

- Verifies potency
- Verifies absence of pesticides/fungicides/herbicides
- Verifies absence of microbial contamination


At each step of manufacturing, a sample is taken and sent to an
independent, third-party laboratory for testing.    
- Transparency
- Batch (Lot #) controlled
- Provider and consumer assurance

The lab report is made freely available on our website, which is linked to the QR code on each product.